Pale Pippa

Shortly before her demise in 1980 Palitoy changed the hair on Pippa.  We can't know for sure if this was on all the Pippas issued at this time or if a mixture of the 'old' hair and the newer paler blonde hair was issued.  I suspect the later myself.  I also imagine that this was a cost cutting measure, Palitoy must surely have been feeling the pinch at this stage and the company ceased trading a short time later.  Or maybe they wanted to give Pippa a new look?  If this was their intention it was not reflected in the marketing material of the time.

The new paler blonde hair was not as good quality as that used previously, it was much coarser and has a tendency to break off.  This factor, plus the fact that pale blonde was only used for a very short time, means that Pale haired Pippas in good condition are hard to come by, hence they are desirable to collectors.

Both these dolls are Pale hair Pippa.  The doll on the left is showing typical signs of coarse, broken pale hair.  Outfits by Decadence Boutique and Shirley Frocks.
Five types of Pippa were known to have been issued with Pale hair, although I should stress that the previous blonde was probably used at the same time.

4th Issue Pippa.


Gala Occasion Pippa.
Pippa Film Star, very hard to find in a box.  On the right is the picture used by Palitoy in their trade publication, this actually looks like a regular blonde to me.
Pippa Goes Dancing. 

On the left, VHTF boxed 2nd issue Princess Pippa, her hair doesn't appear to be pale in the photo.  To the right you can see both variants of the 2nd issue Princess dress.  
2nd issue Princess Pippa


Pippa Peculiarities