Here are some variants, oddities and copycat things

Athens 'First Night' top, variant fabric and variant trim too.

Athens 'Daisy Belle'.


Athens 'Dial A Date'. Boutique Chicks.
Boutique Dress, fabric is different colour and texture. 'Pippa Fashions' 1974, also issued by Topper for Van.
'Pippa Fashions' 1975. 'Pippa Fashions' 1976.
'Pippa Fashions' 1977 on Right, is mini dress a 'Clone' item? Geneva 'Go Go Green',  Variants *might* be Clone?
On the left is a Lulu fashion, often confused with Geneva Kimono, it uses the same material in a different shade. Holiday Collection.

London Collection.

London 'Bowling Beauty', is the cotton variant on left a clone or the real deal?



London Collection.

London 'Hot Pants,'  is yellow variant  clone or  Palitoy?

Madrid, not sure if this is a true variant or a case of 'large pattern, small garment'?

Madrid 'Walk in the Park'- the poodles are also variants, one is hard and shiny, the other soft and matt appearance.


Mix and Match.

Mix and Match.


Mix and Match.

Monaco Collection.


Monaco Collection.

Monte Carlo Collection.



Lulu dress on left is same fabric as Monte Carlo Collection.

Monte Carlo Collection.


Monte Carlo Collection.

Monte Carlo Collection.


Movie Star Collection.

Oriental Collection.


Paris 'Sterling Silver'.

Paris Collection.


Paris 'Fontainbleau', variant on left is probably Clone.

Paris 'Pigalle', green version issued by Topper, white variant from unknown maker.


Park Lane Collection.

Rio: blue set is 'Swinging Strings', white set is 'Tiger Lilly.  Was the green set issued by Palitoy as well and if so, what was it called?  These were also issued by Topper Toys.

Riviera Collection.

Rome, appears to be different colour, not obvious in scan.


Rome Collection, is the one in the middle a Clone fashion?  It is a heavier material and the yoke trim is slightly different.


Rome 'Flamenco'.

Rome 'Two for one',  is one top faded?


Vienna 'Masquerade'.


Vienna 'Daisy Chain'.

Vienna 'In The Pink'.


thanks to my Pippa chums Tracy F and Jude for help with this page!