Body Study


Standard Body

The pictures below show the different hair and body types on the Standard Pippa and Friends range. This is the most common body type having a hollow torso, solid vinyl arms and legs with pin joints at the knees and hips. These bodies have a Palitoy Hong Kong mark on their bum.

Pippa Princess Pippa Pale Pippa Pale Princess Pippa Jasmine
Britt Gail Marie Brown Penny Red Penny





Dancing Body

The Dancing dolls had a completely different body.  The torso is still hollow but made from a more brittle plastic as were the arms.  Inside the torso is a mechanism that is attached to one arm which means that when the arm was moved the doll would appear to dance.  Notice also the horizontal waist split.  The legs are made from a softer vinyl that can bend without the aid of a pin joint.  The dancing dolls don't have any Palitoy marking.  There are only five Dancers - Pippa, Princess Pippa, Marie, Britt and Tammie

Dancing Pippa Dancing Princess Pippa Dancing Tammie Dancing Marie Dancing Britt

As you can see second issue Pete has pin jointed legs like standard Pippa.  Not as obvious is that fact that he is shorter than first issue Pete meaning that some of the Pete fashions are a bit too big for him!

First issue Pete

Second issue Pete

Meccano Pippa ~ find out what makes her different