Meccano Pippa

Its not known exactly what Pippa items were issued by Meccano for the French market but from what has been found still boxed it would appear that only post-1975 items were issued.  Boxed Meccano items are very hard to find.  The boxed Tammie and Bride below are the only ones known in Pippa collecting circles.

Quite what the relationship between Palitoy and Meccano was is not clear, a Franchise agreement maybe?


Meccano Tammie.  The box design is more or less the same as the Palitoy issue except for the colour.  This doll dates from around 1976/77.  Meccano Bride is 'Mariee', belonging to I HAD THAT , the box used is very similar to that of Palitoy's Dancing Princess Pippa.


Meccano Moulds

Meccano dolls don't dance but they have soft vinyl legs without pin joints.  Notice the slanted waist joint on the Meccano dolls, Dancing dolls have a horizontal waist joint.  Whilst the Dancing dolls have no markings on their bottoms the Meccanos have the Palitoy Honk Kong mark.

Princess Pippa (Pippa also issued) Britt Marie Penny (red and brown)
Mandy Jasmine Tammie

Christine was the Meccano name for their Petal scheme doll


Pete ~ was renamed Yan, as far as I know he was unchanged for his French duties.


Julieanne's Meccano collection

Lorraine's Mecccano Gail,  pic
courtesy of LOTSADOLLY

Meccano Fashions