Doll Fair at Barton Village Hall
Here we are at the doll fair, guess who else was there too?  yes, that's the Yahoo Sindy club joining us for coffee and cake!
Bygone Times, an antique center where Jude and Cindy took a shine to this pony, Jude is wondering how she can sneak it up to the loft without Mr Jude noticing......
Its Saturday night, nearly everyone is at the Hotel and its Kerrie's Birthday!  We got a big chocolate cake and embarrassed Kerrie with our singing of Happy Birthday!
Alice and Julieanne couldn't wait any longer for their 'Sasha Moment'.  Poor Alice nearly fainted when I produced my (rare) childhood Sashas' stuffed headfirst in to a drawstring sports bag!  I promise I will take better care of them, especially now that Alice has told me how valuable they are.
some people were in the bar until 3.30 am........

Pippa Day