Pippa Club goes PINK!  
  Please enjoy our PINK photos, as posted on our home page in support of Breast cancer Care.  
  Lesley's Lacy Lingerie - handmade in Cheshire by Lesley Farmer.  
  'I'm PINKED out!' by Lesley Carter  
  Glow in the dark Pippa!  Made by Gail for Heather's charity auction.  
  'Pink in Concert' by Heather.  
  Foxy PINK by Tricia aka Tabatha!  
  'Pink Panther Pippa' by Jeni.  
  Handknitted Pink by Janet.  
  The Naked Chef by Vanessa  
  Pippa's PINK Pony by Cindy  

"Pippa would like to point out that she realises riding side saddle without a riding hat is a dangerous thing to do, so "don't try this at home folks".  She also recommends not doing it in a mini dress whilst carrying a handbag, but I insisted to get more pink things in the photo. Although not obvious, she is also wearing pink knickers  ;-) "

  more of your PINK pix soon, bookmark this page!  



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