Imitation: the sincerest form of flattery?


I LOVE Clones!  Do you?

Two cheap but not nasty Pippa head mold clones.  They have horrid hollow bodies but their heads are definitely Pippa head mold no 2 which is just visible.  Wearing Petite outfits.
Three dolls who *might* be called Tina Mod, I say *might* cos I still have never seen this doll in a packet or box and have only the word of one collector that she is called Tina.   They have a copy of Pippa's body, complete with pin knee join, however it has its own embossing and is not marked Palitoy.  The head appears to be a unique mold without rooted lashes.  Tina on the left is wearing Variant of Dawn Somethin Special gown, a Tina Mod fashion, as are the other two.